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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV - The smartphone that just got smarter

I can safely say that no one have ever experienced anything quite like the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Unless, of course, you already own one. If you are one of the unlucky ones, like yours truly, who've only had the chance  of touching, feeling, fondling and (insert inappropriate term for touching) the display units at Maxis stores, then you would not have experienced its full function.

But it's okay, you get to read my review on it! Yeayyy, no? : P

As a Samsung Mobiler, I recently had the privilege of touching, feeling, fondling and (insert inappropriate term for touching) the Galaxy S IV with my very own hands! And I have to say, it did feel good in my hands. It fitted comfortably in my hands, with good amount of grip. Prolly due to its upgrade in look and design. Unlike my S III which is curved, the manufacturers decided to make the Galaxy S IV a mixture of the S III and S II - not quite as rounded around the edges like the S III, and with the square-ness of the S II design. Are you getting what I'm trying to say ? LOL. The sides also had a smooth premium finishing.
Thanks Tyler for taking a photo of me taking a photo of myself with the S IV :3

Now for the features. Jejejengg!

The Air View feature enables you to perform actions and interact with your phone by just hovering your finger or hand slightly above the screen. Too good to be true? I thought so too, til I saw Tyler scroll through our selcas just by waving his hand back and forth. I suddenly remembered all the times when I had greasy fingers from my KFC and have the urge to use my phone mid-dinner haha. The people at Samsung must had read my mind. Damn, these Koreans are good.

Then there is the Smart Stay function which recognizes when to pause your videos by detecting your eyes with the front camera. Which means that when you look away, the video pauses automatically. Which also means you don't have to go through the trouble of having to pause your own video - eventhough it only requires a tap or two to do so- I mean, pausing your own videos?Pfft who does that?? How mainstream.

Now for the camera. Geezus the camera. With 13 megapixels, it does not disappoint, producing crisp and clear photos. I know this because I spent almost all of 2 hours selca-ing with it lol. There were also a variety of options to create fun photos! The one I enjoyed most was Drama Shot. I'll let the photos do the talking ;
Lots of me!

Remember there was a time when this app that lets you create a photo with two of the same person was all the rage? Well, its now a built in function in the Galaxy S IV(eat your heart out, Apple users!) Drama Shot lets you capture a moving object or person and combines it into a continual time lapse photo. Also, notice how the background is super clear? Tyler and I spent close to an hour enjoying ourselves with this feature.Running all around the place was tiring, though.

The Sound and Shot feature allows you to take a photo AND record 9 seconds of audio with the photo. Yes, your photos can now have audio! This way,  the moments you capture will be so much more meaningful.

Another really cool feature is the Dual Shot. You can snap two photos simultaneously, via the front and back camera. And both photos will be in one single frame! Cool huh?

If you have friends who are S IV users, you can try out the Group Play feature. It allows S IV users to share music and project music with one another. Simply said, you can use another S IV as a speaker!

The camera was no doubt my favorite part of the phone. If you are a self-loving camho just like me, you'll love it too! Therefore, it only made sense to fully utilize the camera before we returned to Denise :(
This was OOTD. Or LOTD. Or SOTD. BOTD also can ahaha

Tyler said I look like a fish here hahaha

One last photo before we go. Don't you think that Tyler kinda looks like SNSD's Sunny here? XD
In a nutshell, I really, genuinely think that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is a phone worth getting, if you have the cash(this is not a sponsored post so you can be assured that this is really my genuine opinion eh). Clearly spending a few hours with it isn't enough, because there are so many new functions that make my S III look like the 3310. 

Many thanks to the Samsung Mobilers Programme for this experience!

Log on to www.facebook.com/samsungmobilemalaysia to find out what it's all about!

All these great experiences and more, only as a Samsung Mobiler!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Plastic Surgery - why you're wrong and why I'm still going for it

 I have been hearing a lot of comments (most of which I did not ask for) on the topic of cosmetic surgery and natural beauty. Among the comments I've gotten are :

"Why do you wanna go for plastic surgery? Later end up like Michael Jackson"

" You trying to be Korean ah?"

"You look beautiful just the way you are" (no brownie points for guessing whom this came from)

"Don't do all this la, will change your luck"

" Have you seen the cat lady???" (those who don't know what this is about, click here !)

and this particular one that started this rant :

"Plastic surgery does not make you beautiful, but fake. Work on that self - esteem and love the skin you're in" (please read in high-pitched, heavily (fake)accented, self-righteous voice)

Well, fuck you, you and you.

Most people seem to think that I am stupid enough to not do any research before going under the knife. They have this perception that there is no such thing as a successful cosmetic surgery. Well, guess what? There IS. Like any other surgery, cosmetic surgery is a 50-50 thing. There is a possibility that your surgery will not go well, and the new you look like you've been hit by a bus, and then accidentally dropped into a cement mixer but you are still somehow alive.

BUT there is also a possibility that your surgery will go well and you now have Emma Watson's face with the body a Hooter's girl.
                                  YOU TELL ME WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT

Olivia Wilde's face with Katy Perry's body is okay too. Those boooooobs.

Also, what is with less-than-perfect people walking around town, acting all righteous about being natural? Since when was it okay for ugly people to act like they own the world, telling other girls that it is better to be naturally you than to be fake and beautiful? Geezus, isn't there a law in regards to the safety and best interests of the public? 

And then there are the people who truly detests plastic surgery like how Magneto detests Professor X. Or like how Malaysian cabbies detests turning on the air-cond for you. I can understand that you're all for preserving God's/mom's gift to you. But I cannot understand WHY THE FUCK DO YOU SLAP ON MAKEUP, if it is so important to you to not alter your natural look. And no, going for the au naturel or dewy makeup look doesn't make you any less of a hypocrite okay.

Suit yourself, girls. I know I would much rather be a plastic beauty than a natural cow. At least, when I'm all old and wrinkled, I would be fulfilled knowing I lived such a beautiful life - inside and out hahah. Unlike the rest of them who will crumble their last moments away, never knowing what it's like to be beautiful. YOLO, you know? lol


This was quite a mean post, gonna go pray and dream of dolphins now.